Volume 23, Number 3, January 2019

Between Ourselves; Minnis, John; p. 83
Snapshots from Cirencester; Barnsley, Mike; p. 84
The Much Travelled Open Carriage Truck; Turner, S. T.; p.88 Ambulance Trains in 1914-18 and Two Unusual Survivors Part 3; White, Ian M.; p. 90
A Brief Interlude at Oakhampton Thursday 20 August 1964; Rhodes, Alan; p. 100
Replacement Doors on First Generation DMUs; Carpenter, Graham; p. 103
Plemsworth and the European War of 4 August 1914; Heath, Louis; p. 105
Private Owner Wagons by Initials – An occasional series; Turton, Keith; p. 113
Letters; p. 118
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