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We intend to add to this page by making various longer papers, correction files to any of our books, catalogues that are not included in the Collections or Product pages and potentially electronic books on railways by prior agreement with authors.

Please Note the following statement regarding all the items downloadable from this page:  

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The following documents are available:


The Society is a Charity incorporated as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation as understood by the Charity Commission. Our Legal Constitution can be downloaded as a pdf file here

Our Leaflet describing the Society is here

A cumulative index to our Journals Volumes 01-21

Our serials catalogue. This contains a list of the magazines and regular serials held in our library but not included in the library catalogue.

An addendum paper to our book Great Western Way containing a few late corrections, new information and extra items come to light since it was published. Addendum Great Western Way

The membership application form is this form Membership Application


Free Book  - HMRS Occasional Paper No 3:

The Society has published two occasional papers which are purchaseable from our book product page. This paper is the third one published but the Trustees did not think it would be viable as a printed book as the interest is likely to be relatively limited.

So we are pleased to be able to offer it a a downloadable pdf file as it is a most interesting examination of the capital expenditure policies of the LNER between the World Wars. It is the work of William Wilson.

The title is What were the investment dilemmas of the LNER in the inter-war years and did they successfully overcome them? by William Wilson MA TPM, 41pp, A4, ISBN  978-0-902835-40-5

Feedback on this project will be appreciated, along with further offers of publications suitable for this medium.