14 July 2021

Note: Re eased Government Restrictions: We are not quite yet back to 'normal' although drawings are shipping as soon as we can process the orders.

Note All shipments to the EU are subject to delays due to new export rules.

Please see the latest information page for information about the latest society restrictions.

**** Alert **** We have discovered three mismatches in three distinct areas of catalogue where the text entries and the displayed image are wrong. The text entries are usually correct but some of the associated images are incorrect.

1.  For the ABD300 series (ABD301-336): Each entry shows the image for the next catalogue item. e.g. ABD320 shows the image of ABD321.

2. For the ABD200 series (ABD201-236): Images are mixed up less predictably.

3. For the ABH800 series (ABH800-ABH836) each entry shows the image for the previous catalogue item. e.g. ABH801 entry shows the image for ABH800. ABH800 has a missing image.

We understand how this happened and have corrected the master catalogue. However since this website will be updated to the latest software in mid 2021, we will not correct this anomaly until then.  We apologise for the inconvenience but only a few entries are affected in these ranges  *****

Prints of some digital copies of our photographs may be available for online sales only.

The society has a large photograph collection which is continuing to grow as more collections are donated and catalogued. It covers most aspects of British railways from the birth of photography in the nineteenth century to the present day. So far there are over 50,000 photos listed in our on-line catalogue. Cataloguing is carried out by volunteers and newly catalogued collections are uploaded to the website as they are completed. Of necessity this is a slow process and will continue into the foreseeable future.

The collections include original negatives, copy negatives (from original negatives, slides or photos), black and white and colour slides together with glass plates. Bearing in mind the age of some of the collections, quality can vary from very good to very poor but we feel that  poor quality photos in the collections justify their inclusion in the catalogue due to their subject matter. There are low resolution digital scans of many of the photos on the website and we are adding more as quickly as we can so that you can see what is on the photo. Our logo is imposed on the scans to protect our copyright.

Orders for digital scans and prints will have the logo removed and will be of high resolution. Where possible scratches, blemishes and suchlike will be sympathetically removed. No detail will be removed or added. Digital prints will be supplied as 6′×4″ in size.

Conventional photos can be supplied and these are supplied from stock when possible as 6" x 4" photos. Non-stock photos are produced for us by a professional printer by hand so as to get the best possible result. These are supplied in postcard size, which is 5.5" x 3.5". (but see note above)

The catalogue can be searched using the drop-down box filters.

Finally, with such a large project as this there will inevitably be errors in the cataloguing. If you notice one, or can add additional information please let us know using the form on the "Contact" page: you may also send any general queries this way.

For an explanation of discounts for members and factors relating to specific products please see HMRS Trading Process

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