Please note that the Society is run by volunteers in their spare time so responses may not always be very rapid.

You may write to us at:

HMRS Museum & Study Centre,
Midland Railway Centre,
Butterley Railway Station,
United Kingdom

This is the formal address of the Society, but it should be noted that mail is not delivered to the Centre itself and is only collected infrequently.

You may phone us at 01773 745 959 (only answered when the Museum & Study Centre is open.).

It is better to send an email using the forms as detailed below:

  • for anything to do with education grants or academic information or anything related to Area Groups or Stewards use the link to the appropriate page where you will find a specific form.

you may use the form below, selecting the most appropriate officer;

  • Society matters - select the Secretary. If any other officer needs to be involved, the query will be forwarded.
  • The Internet Sales process for products and trading - select the Internet Trading Officer.
  • Anything about Data Protection and Privacy - select Data Manager.
  • Matters related to this website, errors and website administration - select the webmaster.
  • For matters relating to the Drawings collection - select the Drawings Officer.
  • For matters relating to the Photographic Collection - select the Photograph Sales Officer.
  • For matters relating to the Archives collection - select the Archivist.
  • For anything to do with the Journal or possible contributions - select the Journal Editor.
  • For matters relating to the Library collection - select the Librarian.
  • For questions about Transfers - select the Transfer Officer.

We will reply as soon as we can, even if we cannot immediately answer every query. Please remember we are all volunteers.

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