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About the HMRS

For over 60 years, the HMRS has been helping to record and preserve material on the history of Britain’s railways from the early 1800s up to the present day, and more importantly to make that material available to modellers, researchers and students. Today it is a thriving Society and educational charity, offering benefits for all who seek to understand how railways have contributed to British geography, industry and culture. We collaborate with railway line societies and public museums to further the growth of historical knowledge. We supply information to model manufacturers both small and international.

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Constructing 5″ Gauge Wagons

Cover of Constructing 5" Gauge Wagons bookOur latest book has just been published. At 320 pages with over 900 prototype, model and construction photographs, 35 detailed A2 and A3 drawings specifically produced for modellers, and many diagrams in the text, it will be an essential read not just for those modelling in the large scales but anyone who wishes to make accurate models of wagons.

Until the on-line shopping system is functional, to buy a copy of the book please write to the address on the Contact page. The book is priced at £50 (£35 for members), the charge for UK post & packing is £6.50, please ask for a quotation for overseas orders.

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