Volume 21, Number 7, July - September 2013

HMRS Drawing 6523, MSWJR trolley wagon. Another MSWJR Puzzle!; Barnsley, Mike; p. 205
Wagon Design in the 1840s: Bottom Door Wagons Part 1; Davidson, R. G.; p. 208
BR Breakdown Crane Liveries - Part 3 The Yellow Era; Tatlow, Peter; p. 210
A new motor boat for Millport; Tortorella, Arnold; p. 214
Safety Valves on Early Railway Locomotives; Austin, Albyn; p. 217
The Life and Times of a Colliery Railway - Part 1; Anderson, John M.; p. 219
A Gauge One Lorna Doone; Comber, Dick; p. 226
SER Finds in the HMRS Drawing Collection; Garrett, Dan; p. 230
Aspects of Railway Operation; Essery, Bob; p. 237
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