Volume 19, Number 4, October - December 2006

GWR Engineers' Saloons Roofmounted inspection lights; Carpenter, Roger; p. 104
Side Tipping Coal Hopper Wagons for Landsale Traffic; Turton, Keith; p. 105
Nuggets from the Edwardian Era; ; p. 108
Research Request; ; p. 108
Perplexed by Spalding; Crockett, Richard; p. 109
The Scottish Outside Frames Mineral Wagon G&SWR Style; Davidson, Richard; p. 111
The Limitations of Literacy; Tavender, Len; p. 114
How Britain's railway infrastructure has gained from the Channel Tunnel; Comfort, Nicholas; p. 115
GWR Slate Wagons; Touret, R.; p. 123
Furness Railway Stewardship; Earl, John; p. 125
Readers Write ...; ; p. 128
Halesworth Revisited; Harcourt, Keith; p. 129
Gazing at Gasworks - a sequel; McMillan, Andy; p. 133
D3 No 2039; Harcourt, Keith & Cook, Keith W.; p. 134
G H Davevtry, Railway Photographer; Crockett, Richard; p. 135
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