Volume 11, Number 6, April - June 1983

Company Stewards – What they do and how they work 6 Stuart Rankin – G&SWR; ; p. 163
Metropolitan Miscellany part 3; Kiddle, David; p. 168
Confessions of a PRO researcher; Chadwick, George; p. 170
Cgloucester RC&W mystery solved; Croall, A. R.; p. 172
L&NWR parcel cart; Millard, Philip; p. 174
Telescopic bridge at Bridgewaer; Fish, Richard; p. 175
jFarewell Clayton West; Fraser, Neil; p. 178
Riding the Delph Donkey; Clarke, David; p. 181
Milk traffic on the GWR part 3; Slinn, Jack; p. 184
Notes & queries: Three views of Clee Hill, NSR milk van, South Wales war baby, L&NWR railmotors, more Furness Railway wagons, Southern shunter was a Hardy, G” tender cabs in WW1; ; p. 187
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