Volume 7, Number 3, July - September 1970

Pickering Engine Shed; Foster, G. R.; p. 43
More on G W R broad gauge tenders; Thorne, C. J.; p. 44
L N E R / G C R hybrid locomotive liveries, 1923-24; Richards, W. A.; p. 46
Lettering on pre-group wagons; Coates, Noel G.; p. 49
Body of a Midland Railway-owned Pullman car; Ibbott, G. N.; p. 51
The Coaching Stock of the Cheshire Lines Committee Part 12: 1931-1937; Hemingway, G. Y.; p. 54
A Caledonian Railway Signal Box; Underhill, C. W.; p. 57
An L B S C R goods brake van body; Tavender, L.; p. 58
Books Old and New; ; p. 59
Notes and Queries; ; p. 62
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