BR coach lining (up to & including blue/grey period)

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CRIMSON & CREAM (pre-1957) or CHOCOLATE & CREAM (Western Region principal express stock 1957-64)

Use the yellow/black lines, with the yellow against the crimson or chocolate. All vehicles were lined along the waist at the junction of the colours. Many vehicles had a crimson or chocolate band at the top, which was also lined at the junction with the cream. Cheek photos for the presence and depth of this band.

LINED MAROON LIVERY (1957-64, except Southern Region)

Use a yellow/black/yellow line along the waist, usually at or near door handle level. Many vehicles also had a yellow/black line (yellow uppermost) about as far above the windows as the waist lining was below -consult photos for exact positions. For the last year or two of this livery yellow bands began to be applied at the top of the sides on First Class sections. If upper lining was used the bland extended from the black line to the top of the side.

GREEN LIVERY (1957-64, Southern Region).

These coaches were unlined, but during the last year of two of the livery, yellow bands began to appear at the-top of the sides on First Class sections and red bands on catering vehicles. (Yellow lettering, crests and window markings First, No Smoking) for the above liveries are included in HMRS Transfers Sheet 14.

BLUE & GREY LIVERY (main line stock, all regions from 1964)

Top yellow bands are used on first Class sections and red on catering vehicles, (theoretically over the passenger section, but often along the whole vehicle, even sometimes full kitchens). The white line marks the border between the grey panel surrounding the windows and the blue of the rest of the coach. Top bands extend from the white line to the top of the side. We suggest that top bands, if any, should be applied first, then the upper white line, followed by the round cornered white vertical end pieces and finally the lower white line. White lettering and numbering for blue and grey livery coaches are included in HMRS Transfers Sheet 15. Window markings (First, 1, No Smoking) are on Sheet 14.

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