BR blue era loco and coach insignia to circa 1978

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LOCOMOTIVES (diesel and electric)

All locos have the BR symbol, once on each side on many locos, or at both ends on others. The size and position varies according to type. (On some locos and MUs, the symbol is of cut-out metal, not provided for on this sheet). Locos in green livery and many in the early years of Rail Blue were numbered in the tall narrow style figures with D (omitted after 1968) or E (until adoption 5-figure number system) at one or both ends, or on the cab of shunters. Before the blue livery a crest was also carried - see Sheet 14 for these. These figures were spaced .9mm apart on the model, with 1???mm (sometimes less) between the letter and first figure. Soon after the adoption of Rail Blue the wider Rail Alphabet numerals were standardised, at first with D or E as before and later in the current 5-figures with an increased space of approx. 1.1mm between the second and third figure. These spaces apply to locos using standard 150mm figures (at left of sheet). Some small shunting locos use the 100mm figures used on coaches.


Many coaches at the introduction of Rail Blue livery had the regional letter and number in 75mm size (left centre of sheet) but 100mm (on right) was soon standardised. The number is usually centred under the right-hand window (Mk. 1) or in the space between end window and door (Mk.2) on a base-line approx. 65mm on model above the bottom of the coach side. First class doors are marked 'l' and principal express stock 'Inter-City', this usually starting under the left-hand end of the left-hand window. These and catering vehicle markings are set on the same base-line as the number. Catering vehicles are marked usually at or near the middle of the side - they are not marked 'Inter-City' as well. Spacing between words, e.g. 'Buffet Restaurant' varies greatly, up to as much as 14mm on the model. The wording 'Restaurant Car' etc., was an earlier form with few if any now surviving (Dec. 1978). The small lettering 'Guard' etc., appears on doors about 11.2mm from bottom of coach side. The all-capital versions are officially not correct but some still exist. Distributed Load markings appear just above the bottom of brake compartments. End markings are on the left of each end with coach type (RB (A) 100MPH etc.) about level with the coach number and Cl just above waist level (Mk. 1 and 2 coaches) -Mk.3 are restriction C3. Some coaches are marked 'Emergency Lighting Point' about midway along the underframe. Stars (various shapes and sizes are in use) mark the brake release point. Please note that coach window markings for first class and no smoking are on Sheet 14. Most MUs have the BR symbol at each end of the set (smallest or second sizes). Many sets have recently been repainted white with a 7mm (on model) Rail Blue stripe below the windows. In PTE areas the PTE symbol replaces the BR symbol at the left-hand end on each side of these sets. The symbols reading down, left to right as printed are West Midlands, south Yorkshire, Greater Glasgow, Merseyside, West Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear, Greater Manchester. EMUs and Inter-City 125 DMUs have the set number on the end in 100 or 125mm black figures sometimes repeated bottom left in 50mm size. Some LMR EMU's have the end vehicle no. instead. WR DMUs have the set number preceded by the Division initial. GUV and CCT vans are so marked near the top right-hand end with the number below (75mm size) then dimensions, tare etc. Most BR-built vans are branded (logo Express Parcels) near the left-hand end. 4-wheel 21ft. vans have (logo Express Parcels) set out vertically lower left with SPV, number, etc., lower right. Many parcel vans during 1978 have received new codes (NAV etc). Full brakes were formally coded BG(DH) lower right - many are now coded NEA(DH) in a variety of sizes. Inter-City 125 power cars marked with large letters and double arrows. Passenger cars now marked Inter-City 125 in standard lettering (originally just Inter-City).

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