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The banner images were selected to reflect various activities of the Society and various periods of railway history. The choice has been limited somewhat by the need to crop all images to the same size (2000*850 pixels) to fit the banner design: many images would miss vital bits if cropped that way!

first banner imageA modern view since all the images were modern when created.
68003 Astute cab number 2 control desk.  HMRS picture reference ABK371 (currently not listed on the website – please use Contact facility if you would like a copy).

Second banner imageNext we have one of the older drawings in our collection representing the mid 19th century - it would make a fascinating modelling project.
South Eastern Railway composite carriage as built 1850.  HMRS drawing reference 3217

Third banner imageThen comes an early photograph, taken around 1869.
This is Boulton's 0-4-0ST No.17, a geared locomotive once reported1 as

"...doesn't seem to matter whether she is on the metals or on the ballast - she keeps going all the time."

  HMRS picture reference AAW005

Fourth banner imageTo represent the later Victorian years we have something from one of the webmaster's favourite companies, believed to have been taken around 1880. The lining of Rhymney Railway 33 will challenge many a model maker.  HMRS picture reference AAY721.

fifth banner imageA couple of train spotters who may have grown up to record their memories for posterity. An Edwardian engine, even if the photo is believed to have been taken a little later. GWR 111 at Paddington.  HMRS picture reference AAY508.

sixth banner imageTo show our book publishing activity we have the cover of the second edition of Great Western Way: a 1930s loco but shown as preserved.

seventh banner imageThe end of the steam era and our transfers for modellers are illustrated by our "BR steam era loco and coach insignia" sheet. Britannia class 70050 is superimposed (HMRS picture reference ABA386).

eigth banner imageAs an educational charity this seems a particularly apt photo, and of course illustrates an iconic diesel train.
43082 Railway Children in East Midlands Trains livery taken at Etches Park Depot Open Day 2014.  HMRS picture reference ABJ650.


1Bennett, A. R.; The Chronicles of Boulton's Siding; David & Charles 1971; ISBN 0715353187; p. 104

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