SR Bulleid loco and coach insignia

SR Bulleid loco and coach insignia
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Locos in Bulleid livery were lettered SOUTHERN on the tender or tank side with base of lettering typically 2'1½" (8.5mm) above footplate, with number at the same height on the cabside. Front numbers were on right hand half of the buffer beam, except Pacifies, numbered on the black panel above the beam. Gilt insignia (bottom of sheet) was introduced June 1938 (Eastleigh) to Nov. 1939 (Ashford). Most locos had larger size insignia; the smaller ones used on a few classes of small locos. Buffer beam nos. usually the same size as on cab. Green shaded yellow insignia introduced mid 1941, when plain black was standardised for loco painting. Larger size (9½) insignia with 6" buffer beam nos. were standard, with 6½/4½" sizes on some small locos. Black-shaded insignia used from spring 1946, when green painting was re-introduced. 'Merchant Navy' class nos. 21C3-10 were mostly black when built with green shaded insignia and large letter C. Nos. 21C1 1-30 had C the same size as nos. 'West Country' class were green when built with black shaded insignia, except the front no. This was always green shaded on the Pacifies. For a while beginning in 1948, SR locos were letter BRITISH RAILWAYS with 3xxxx series numbers, all in Bulleid style.


Unshaded lettering SOUTHERN with pointed N introduced in 1938, usually with remaining insignia in Maunsell style (Sheet 9). Shaded SOUTHERN followed, sometimes close spaced but usually wider ˜. Base of lettering 1'10" (7.3mm) above solebar. Number high up on coach side usually at or near each end. Class figures 1 and 3 (also 2 on boat trains) alongside doors, midway up droplight height on modern long window stack or offset to right of lower part of doors, centred just below the handle, on flush sided stock with quarterlights. Class numbers were not used on London area stock in wartime when first class was temporarily abolished. Guard was standard on guard's doors but Luggage probably used only on full luggage vans. Seat numbers were applied above the windows on Bulleid stock. The large plain yellow figures are for set end numbers, applied to both sides of corridor set ends at cantrail. level. Earlier style smaller set numbers are on Sheet 9. Bulleid non corridor electric sets typically had SOUTHERN across the top of the ends in small black shaded yellow loco style with the set number centrally below it, sometimes apparently in black shaded gilt figures. Window stickers were normally high on the outside of windows as follows: Circle and bar smoking (RED) and NON-SMOKING (green), introduced mid 1930's; triangular NO SMOKING and rectangular FIRST CLASS (post war); diamond shape LADIES ONLY.


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