LMS coach lining

LMS coach lining
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Price From: £7.15

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This lining is for LMS coaches painted in the simple livery, introduced in 1934. Flush sided coaches had a yellow-black-yellow line along the waist, normally at door handle height. A pair of yellow lines were applied at the top of the side, just above the windows and just below the cantrail. The lower of these lines was normally interrupted by the door ventilator hoods, which were not lined.

Wooden bodied fully panelled coaches had the lines applied along the horizontal mouldings. If there were two waist mouldings, the line was normally along the upper one. At the top of the side, the yellow lines were applied along the centre of the moulding or mouldings above the windows.

The lines provided will line coaches up to 62 feet scale length in one piece. A few sleeping or catering vehicles were longer than this - it will normally be possible to arrange for the joins to coincide with door handles or ventilators.


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