GWR loco and coach lining

GWR loco and coach lining
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Price From: £7.15

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LOCOMOTIVES (post 1906

The lining on this sheet is suitable for certain GWR locos 1900 - 1906, most lined GWR locos 1906-1948 and for lined locos in the BR green livery.

The main items provided are three types of tender side and back panels, cabside and splasher panels, boiler bands, buffer beam edge lining (not used after 1939) name and number plate lines, cylinder cover panels and footplate edge lines (the latter two item again not generally used after 1939).

Before World War 1, all passenger engines were lined. For this period not all required shapes can be catered for on the sheet but most can be obtained by careful cutting and fitting,

From 1915 - 1923 no engines were lined.

In 1923 lining was re-introduced only on the 4-4-0 County, Saint, Star and Castle classes. Kings and Halls later joined the list.

Lining vanished again during World War 2. It returned in 1945 for the 4-6-0 County class and was subsequently applied to Castles, Kings and Halls but without lining below the footplate.

After 1948, the 1945 GWR livery was continued by BR for lined green engines, except that cabside lining did not continue to the top, but formed a panel below the windows.

Cylinder covers had a vertical stripe of boiler band type lining at each end.


The post-1927 black & yellow coach lining is normally applied to the join between the chocolate lower part and cream upper part of the coach, with the black line uppermost.

In the case of double-lines express stock (Centenary Saloons, Hawksworth Stock etc.,) the lining forms a rectangular panel, with the black on the outside.


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