BR steam era loco and coach insignia

BR steam era loco and coach insignia

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Steam locos (except GWR types) were numbered in the style at the upper left part of the sheet. The Southern, Eastern, North-Eastern and Scottish regions mostly used the larger figures and the LMR mostly the medium size, with variations according to loco type. The words BRITISH RAILWAYS used in 1948 (The Western Region used GWR style, found on Sheet 7). From 1949-1956 the lion-on-wheel crest was used on locos (size according to type) and the smaller size on the motor cars of Multiple Units. From about 1957 the circle and banner crest was used, until 1968 on steam locos, and about 1966 on diesels. Some diesel locos had the round coach crest applied. Some diesel shunters had steam loco style numbers prefixed with the letter D. Numbers for other diesel and some electric locos are on Sheet 15. The very small figures and letters are for steam loco power class, situated on cabside above the loco number. Electrification warnings have been used on locos and the leading ends of Multiple Units from about the rnid-1960's.


The insignia on this sheet was used for coaches, MU's and passenger parcel vans from 1948 to about 1966 (all liveries other than Pullmans prior to the introduction of Rail Blue). The coach number appeared towards the right hand end of the coach with its regional letter before it and former company initial (if pre-Nationalisation) after it. Class figures (1 for first class, 2 for boat-train seconds up to 1956 and 3 for some ex LMS sleepers up to 1956) were midway up lower door panels. Catering vehicle markings had the bottom of the letters about halfway up the coach side bottom panel. Small lettering GUARD etc., was on doors just below the waistline. Distributed Load markings on brake compartments and vans was just above the bottom of the side. BR Mk.1 coach ends were marked Restriction Cl on the left just above waist level. Emergency Lighting Point was placed on underframes about halfway along, but was not visible on many coaches. The star and white W, also on underframes, marked vacuum and Westinghouse brake release points. Note: Window markings FIRST - 1 - NO SMOKING are printed in reverse for application to window interiors. The original versions were the banner shaped First and the triangular No Smoking. For economy of printing the later square 1 and the round No Smoking signs are included on this sheet and should be used with the white coach insignia on Sheet 15. All three varieties of No Smoking sign could at times be seen on the same coach! Parcel vans (8-wheel GUV and 4-wheel CCT) are marked at the right hand end. Reading downwards the markings on these vehicles are: GUV, number, dimensions, Tare 30T. CCT, number, dimensions, XP, Wheelbase (or WB) 23'6" Tare 17t 6c.

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