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14 July 2021

Note: Re eased Government Restrictions: We are not quite yet back to 'normal' although transfers are shipping as soon as we can process the orders.

Note All shipments to the EU are subject to delays due to new export rules.

Please note that we are experiencing supply problems.  Some stocks may not be immediately available. We are doing our best to secure supplies.

Please see the latest information page for more about Transfer issues and the latest society restrictions.


Please note that we are volunteers, retired and at risk. There will inevitably be delays in delivery whilst the current restrictions apply although your account will be charged at checkout.

Many HMRS Transfers are supplied as ‘Methfix®’ or ‘Pressfix®’. ‘Pressfix’ are applied using finger pressure and water, whilst ‘Methfix’ need finger pressure and a mixture of water and methylated spirits (denatured ethyl alcohol). ‘Methfix’ are particularly useful where positioning is awkward, as they can easily be moved around on the model until pressed into their final position. Application takes a little longer, but no traces of adhesive will be visible. Full fixing instructions are supplied with every sheet.

Lines on the general purpose lining sheets are approximately 0.3mm and 0.7mm wide: the sheets are approximately 280mm x 100mm.

Further information is available on the differences between Methfix and Pressfix and on the FAQ page.

For an explanation of discounts for members and factors relating to specific products please see Hmrs Trading Process

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