Highland Railway Liveries: Dathan na Gaidhealtachd

Highland Railway Liveries: Dathan na Gaidhealtachd

Author : Geddes, Howard; Bellass, Eddie & Tatlow, Peter

Publication Year : 1995

publisher : Pendragon in association with HMRS

ISBN : 189981602X

Binding : hardback

The Highland Railway has always held a particular fascination for students and railway historians on both sides of the border: a fascination which is often quite independent of any other specific interests or allegiances which the reader may have. The explanation no doubt lies partly in the fascinating geography and history of the railways north of Perth but must also reflect the distinctively different 'Highland' way of doing things. It is this 'distinctively different' nature of the Highland Railway which forms the focus of this book wherein Howard Geddes and Eddie Bellass have drawn together the many disparate strands of the story of Highland Liveries, mostly during the independent pre- 1923 phase but with valuable supplementary data for the subsequent period too.

Viewed purely objectively, the Highland's liveries followed much the same principles as those of many other British systems but when allied to the often unique nature of the company 'hardware', they undoubtedly added to the overall character of the system and this book brings this information together in one single source for the very first time. The authors have been greatly assisted in their task by the often tireless research carried out by many Highland enthusiasts (some of them, sadly, no longer with us), not least in the more recent bringing together of like minded Highland devotees in the shape of the Highland Railway Society, full details of which will be found in the book.

It is confidently expected that this book, like all previous collaborative efforts between the publisher and the Historical Model Railway Society, will soon become the definitive statement on the subject matter concerned.


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