Still Nodding, A History of the Class 142

Still Nodding, A History of the Class 142
The chronicle of how BR, utilising Leyland Bus parts, built the low cost 142 Class DMU.

Author : Dickinson, Peter

Publication Year : 2011

publisher : Historical Model Railway Society

ISBN : 9780902835290

Binding : soft cover

The author, Peter Dickinson, firstly outlines the various trial and demonstrator vehicles that were the predecessors of the Class 142. He chronicles the early lives of the 142. The book then covers their utilisation under privatisation, the class today and their operation. The story ends with details of a selection of accidents that 142s were involved in including at Winsford when 142008's body became detached from its underframe due to 87027 colliding with it and 142003. The book also supplies other useful information such as general arrangement drawings, on train bell signal codes, Scottish route codes and technical date including current operator allocation.

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