Southern Style Part One - London & South Western Railway

Southern Style Part One - London & South Western Railway
An in depth study of the appearance of the LSWR.

Author : Harvey, John

Publication Year : 2014

publisher : Historical Model Railway Society

ISBN : 9780902835313

Binding : paperback

Southern Style Part One, London & South Western Railway covers the liveries of the London & South Western Railway in the years prior to 1923. It is a complete rewrite of the HMRS 1970 booklet Livery Register no. 3, which covered both the LSWR and the Southern Railway. The new publication considerably amplifies the original findings and in due course will be followed by further volumes dealing with the other Southern railway companies.

For anyone building a model, correct livery, lining and lettering details are essential and this information, particularly the details, are often difficult to find. This book sets out concisely how LSWR liveries were applied and chapters are devoted to locomotives, carriage stock, wagons, departmental vehicles, buildings and structures, signals, road vehicles, shipping and such miscellanea as uniforms, carriage destination boards, flags and insignia. Opportunity has also been taken to include far better photographic coverage than was possible in the 1970 edition. Author John Harvey has taken the original text and drawings; adding considerably to this and has also included sections on the two associated railways - the Bodmin & Wadebridge and the Plymouth, Devonport & South Western Junction Railway. The book includes a full list of references to source material for anyone wishing to pursue the subject still further.

Also included are colour swatches matched to original paint fragments and cross-referenced to both current British Standard colours and to modelling paints at present available. These have been painstakingly produced under the author's direction to ensure they are as accurate as possible.


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