18 April 2021

Note: Even though restrictions are easing, we are not yet back to 'normal' although newer books are shipping as soon as we can process the orders. We will try to warn if a long delay is likely.

In addition we have had to raise our prices for shipping larger or heavier packages to the European Union because of increased costs. This specifically affects some larger books & drawings. And All shipments to the EU are subject to delays due to new export rules.

Please see the latest information page for more about general society restrictions.

Over the years, the Society has published many authoritative books in support of its status as an educational charity. Those still in print may be ordered directly from the Society or obtained from good booksellers. Those that are out of print may be consulted in the library at our Museum and Study Centre and members may borrow them.

For an explanation of discounts for members and factors relating to specific products please see HMRS Trading Process

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