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Academic Liaison

Academic Liaison

Academic Liaison

A page from the web site of the Historical Model Railway Society.
Sat 27 May 2017



The Archives and Artefacts Study Network is an informal group of individuals that seek to explore and expand co-operation between volunteer-led societies, independent scholars, archivists, academics and museum professionals working in the heritage and business history fields. Please have a look at our blog http://tinyurl.com/A2SN-Blog.

Archives Resources

Tamara Thornhill, Corporate Archivist of Transport for London and member of A2SN, has written an article that she has kindly allowed us to include in our web site. It could be very useful to anyone working, or about to work, with archive material.

Cromford Brochure

Interpretations of the Past, Cromford Mills, April

This conference sets out to explore our understandings of the past and the methods by which we interpret them to a modern audience in educational and community contexts.

You may download the brochure in PDF format.

Reading poster

Shipping The Goods In More Ways Than One, September, Ellesmere Port

A brilliant two days - definitely not to be missed, whatever your historical interest…

John Arkell, our PO Wagons steward, will be giving a paper titled "Research from the 'Coal Merchant & Shipper' Trade Journal". There is also one titled "LNWR Coal Tank No. 1054 - Research, Writing, Overhaul & Archaeological Dig".

You may download the brochure in PDF format.

Reading poster

Exploring Archives, June, Reading

A workshop has been held jointly with the Centre for Institutional Performance, headed by Professor Mark Casson at the University of Reading. The archive theme to the programme simply evolved and there were some really interesting nuggets in the programme. We also welcomed The British Transport Police History Group as a supporting organisation and you may see that they have an archive too. The first day was held at the Museum of English Rural Life and included a behing the scenes tour.

Ironbridge call for papers

Exploring the Project Based Economy, May, Ironbridge

The first A2SN event in 2015 was a conference held at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust over two days.

By Air, Sea and Land Brochure

By Air, Sea and Land - Transport and Mobility through the Archives
8th September 2014

This workshop, organised by A2SN for our hosts the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland was supported by the HMRS, the Business Archives Council and the Postal History Society. It was the fourth in a series begun in 2012.
The Workshop explored and expanded co-operation between volunteer-led societies involved in business history fields and the academics, archivists and museum professionals working in the same areas. The event prompted an awareness of what these various groups are doing, and started a dialogue between the enthusiast and academic which may lead to co-operation in preserving and using collections, and furthering our understanding of the past and its relevance to the future.
Belfast, is a centre for business, a place where the technologies of transportation, come together. It is not surprising therefore to find a vast array of transport archives held in PRONI. insights.

The A2SN home page has photos and a long story.

Derby Conference Proceedings cover and link to document

Archives, Artefacts, Amateurs & Academics

You may well like to read the proceedings of the 2012 workshop in Derby when the Society hosted part of the event.